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Watching you carefully, dare I try to get close?
Nay, I don't need to be within your range
You're already in mine, no sense to further delay
I lash at you--be ready to be choked!

You were ignorant; didn't listen for my wheezes and coughs
But now you're the one gagging, dangled like a ragdoll
What's this? You can't call for help? They aren't turning around?
Looks like you're mine now, dying with subtle sounds

Ahh, you've grown limp, poor little survivor
But survive no more; you're dead in this hour
I let you free now--a pity, you're gone
No matter now, your friends have moved on

Bounding the rooftops, following their trail
I'll grab the next fool, see their face turning pale,
From being without air. The idiots don't watch
For the tall guy with a smoke cloud around him in dots

How did they miss me? What's distracting their thoughts?
Why didn't they notice their teammate was caught?
Their intelligence is questionable, especially compared to mine
I don't have to think to know when's the right time to pull one out of line

I see them desperately fighting off a wave of other infected
They're suffering a lot more--this looks to be a choker
Because you fools didn't notice, you neglected
That a teammate was caught by a Smoker
Yes one for the Smoker too.

-Smoker belongs to Valve
-Written by I
-No stealing

Hunter: [link]
Thatcrazygirl101 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
Awesome! For whatever reason, smokers my fav <3
Skull477 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009   Photographer
SMOKER~~!! *wiggle*

Dreams-Of-Zzzs Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009
XD The Hunter is my favourite, personally.
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